Me and My Dog Pet Bakery uses only the highest quality, fresh, all-natural ingredients to make all of our gourmet pet treats. We do not add sugar, salt, artificial flavors, nor preservatives of any kind to our treats. We personally hand-roll, cut and bake each and every treat as we receive your order to insure freshness. In fact, our treats are so fresh and preservative-free that we recommend refrigerating them when they arrive.

Quality of Ingredients is Important

Our meat stocks are from a company by the name of “Boneworks”. We pay $20.00 per pound for this product and here’s why… 100% pure, all-natural glace products. No salt, wheat-free, gluten free, no added gelatin, no artificial coloring, no added “natural flavors”, no dairy, no extracts, fat free, trans fat-free and carb free. We use Land-0-Lakes All Natural Farm Fresh Eggs, produced from hens fed a premium, all-vegetable whole grain diet. We use farm fresh fruits and vegetables… fresh bananas, fresh celery, fresh carrots, fresh sweet potatoes and fresh apples. This all adds up to a healthy treat, bursting with flavor.


You can smell the freshness. We encourage you to pick up the treats and smell for youself. We do not mass produce treats weeks ahead. We bake daily to assure a truly fresh product.


Our treats are truly handmade. My wife and I mix, roll, cut, shape, bake and decorate each and every treat with the occasional help of friends.

Preservative Free

Our treats are truly preservative free. We don’t even use natural preservatives, such as rosemary extract or vitamin E. Nothing except the high quality core ingredients.


These are not stamped out cookie cutter treats. The same care that goes into choosing the highest of quality ingredients also goes into the design of every one of our treats.


We use a multitude of different self-created recipes in our bakery. You won’t see a bakery full of treats that are all the same color…a clear indication that someone is using one recipe for most of their treats. We create a wide range of recipes in order to provide a multitude of flavor profiles to please every dog.


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